Explainig Urbanism to a 5 years-old girl.

I tried to explain to my 5 years-old daugther what’s urbanism and then asked her to do a draw about it. We talked about what is a city for her, what is in it and so on. After that I explained that there are some people that think and decide how to put the streets and the squares and the traffic lights and the trash cans… she said she’s very happy that someone decide to do a square with trees very close to our house where she can play.

This project is part of Passport an international traveling book with drawings and artprojects from urbanists, architects and artists from allover the world. It is traveling at this moment arround the world collecting inspirations about urbanism and the city.


This is “a heart that is a small city”.

This circle is a trash can. It is also a city full of people. The red, pink and black “things” like little mountains arround it are “things to avoid the city to be a trash can”.

This is a child that felt down in a square and get hurt and was full of blood.

This is the square where the child felt down and hurt.

Those are two flowers.

This blue line is a puddle.

This is a “float” to swim.

This is “a ring for people to swim”.

This is a “thing to go up  and down with a train.”